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Getting to Korea

After coming home from a night of drinking with my brothers, I had to make it to the airport for 5:30 in the morning. An airplane is a lot less exciting than I thought it would be and being hungover on an airplane is just bad news. However, there was a bright spot for the airplane: going to the washroom. I felt pretty amazing knowing I was partaking in a Number 2 35,000 feet in the air.

To make matters worse, our luggage has gone missing! We’re waiting for the luggage to now be shipped to our residences at the university. Not much of an auspicious beginning to our six month long tour through Korea and China.

This lack of sleep is getting to me though. I’m becoming pretty irritable and am being a bit of a jerk to the people around me. For this, I apologize. Amanda and I are just waiting in the airport for 9 hours for the rest of our friends to meet up with us. So sleep probably isn’t in the agenda.

However, we finally made it and hurrah for Korean fish ice cream.