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Day 2: Roaming the Streets


While walking around the area, we discovered a basketball court. Although it was 10 below outside, there were a lot of people playing. After asking to play, I quickly realized how much I had to get used to. Their defences were bad and dribbling with their left hands was almost impossible. Also, playing in the cold is the worst. I was winded within minutes and not playing very well. My team lost (I was playing with the kids and going against the adults) and I was thoroughly disappointed that I couldn’t wipe my ass with them. I’m just kidding, I didn’t want to wipe my ass with them- surely flushing them down the toilet would clog it.

Today was also a day to meet the roommates. We met some Australian people who said we had thick Canadian accents. Little do they know that they’re the ones with the accent (d’uh). Went to dinner and had a couple beers with them. Realized they’re just Canadians with an accent. Also, I met my roommate. He’s a Japanese guy who speaks poor English (he said that himself). Pretty cool dude. He says I speak quickly so I said I’ll bring it down a notch. Should be alright.

Fun Asian/ Foreign Facts:

  • Australians don’t say “washroom” but say “toilet”. The washroom is where they wash clothes, our laundry room. Makes sense.
  • In Japan, Kou Shibasaki is the hottest chick alive, according to my roommate. After a simple Google Search, it’s hard to disagree.
  • Koreans will ALWAYS warn you if you are foreign and about to eat a spicy dish.