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Days 3-5: School Starts and Excursions in the City

Internet in Korea is shit. The connection is horrible and unless you’re using an ethernet its impossible to guarantee yourself internet. Whatever, I’ll just have to make due.

Started learning Korean and Tae Kwon Do. Korean is an interesting language. Seems not so difficult to grasp it all, although I’m still working on it. Two days in and everything around me is starting to look familiar, which I assume is a good sign. Tae Kwon Do is awesome. I don’t know if I should capitalize it so I’m just going to stop doing so. I’m uber bust right now because of that class and all we’ve done was basic punches and kicks. The guy’s mission seems to be to make the ultimate killing machines with us. If having my entire body sore is the first step in ultimate killing machines, then he’s right on pace.

The subway is hectic. They have a wall separating people from the tracks. So if anyone wanted to jump on the tracks and delay everyone on the subway, he would have quite a bit of difficulty. Toronto need to take note. Also, there are 10 so different subway lines. It gave me a headache just figuring out how to get there. Last thing that was interesting: TVs. They had TVs showing a modern/Korean version of Snow White. It was wild! (I’ll be posting pictures in my next post).

The mall is nothing special. If you’ve been to one mall, you’ve been to them all. That at least how I felt after going to Seoul’s COEX mall. It had all the bells and whistles of Toronto’s Eaton Centre but it was just filled with Koreans. It had only one floor and it seemed to be underground. Wasn’t all that awesome.

FOUND IT! I finally found something awesome at a Korean McDonald’s. I found a “Bulgogi Burger”. If you’ve ever had bulgogi, you know it’s super nice on your tongue. It was pork or chicken and was covered in some BBQ/sweet and sour/ soy sauce thing that made it awesome. Slab it between two buns and throw on some lettuce and you have the taste experience of your life. (Pictures in next post, sorry I left my camera in the gf’s bag). 

Fun Asian Facts:

  • For some reason it’s okay for guys to wear speedos and pose with teddy bears. This image is slabbed all over the mall. Bright spot is there’s an accompanying picture of a Korean girl in underwear with a teddy bear. 
  • Washrooms tend to be clean in Korea. Out of the several public washrooms I’ve been to in Seoul, they’ve always been clean. Good thing to note. However, although the washroom may be clean the people using them may not be. I saw many Korean gentlemen just ignore washing their hands after using the washroom.
  • Something like 77% of girls in their 20s in Korea get surgery. Also, Korean pop stars are exploited and left for dead after their talent dies off. They’re found when they’re young, go through a lot of surgery and then are done by the time they out of their 20s. I heard this somewhere- maybe should have checked my facts but it seems plausible.