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Quick recap of day 6: went to awesome sushi restaurant. That’s pretty much it.

So I’ve been here a week and it’s time for me to stay with a Korean family. This was the most awesome thing ever. The day start off a little rocky. I was expected to meet her at 4PM at the main gate. However, neither her nor I knew what the other person looked like. I had to go to the international office to see what’s up. It turns out she was pretty much right beside me the whole time. Awesome.

She spoke great English. Despite some idiots telling me I spoke rather quickly, she was able to understand me pretty well. We began joking around and the day just kept getting better. We had to take the train and bus because she lives 2 hours away from the school, so we had a lot of time to talk and get to know each other. She’s a singer who loves movies and plays. She’s about to play the role of Gabriella in High School Musical, the Korean version I suppose. She loves karaoke and asked if we should go tonight. I told her to save it, wouldn’t want to spoil her with my voice right off the bat, you know how it is.

Her place is AMAZING. It’s a condo/apartment but it’s huuuuge. With almost a billion rooms and great lighting this is a place to raise to family. Unlike any condo I’ve seen in Toronto. They gave me her room, which I thought was way too generous, but they refused to rescind their offer. Moreover, they gave me a sweet-ass pair of pyjama pants from Calvin Klein. Their generosity is astounding. 

Her mom prepared an awesome meal for us. We had authentic bulgogi, maki rolls, shrimp tempura, and some awesome chicken thing. I was forced to stop eating because there was no more food left to eat. For dessert she made a “rice cake”, which is a little ball of rice covered in coco powder and two other powders that were awesome. All of the food was delicious. I actually wish I had some now.

Her family then took us out bowling. Although a little rusty, I didn’t altogether embarrass myself. I’m glad to say I scored a RESPECTABLE 80-something. I think the girl, who was bowling for the first time, did better than me. Whatever. Her father then took us to an authentic style Japanese bar where we took off our shoes and the table was at floor level. To my surprise, the floor under the table was actually lower than the rest of the floor! Such a trip out. Her dad decided to drink up a storm. We had several shots in a short period of time and some beer. I was pretty tipsy within a matter of seconds. As soon as you finish a shot/drink they fill it right back up and expect you to drink it. I’m sure you can figure out how quickly you can get drunk in Korea. (We had chicken and baby octopus tempura. It was sick.)

After the drink-capades, her father wanted her and I to have some alone time. He bought the three of us TWO tickets to a movie was on his way home. That was a bit of a shock, but to anyone wondering I kept my hands to myself. We watched Megamind. Well, she watched Megamind and I fell asleep with about 20 or so minutes left. I felt awful. Outside of puking on her, that’s probably the most insulting thing I could have done. However, I did tell her I may fall asleep if we watched a movie. She seemed in good spirits about it but I still feel horrible.

Now, I’m just sitting in this awesome bedroom talking to you guys. What a snoozefest this is. I’m about to go see if they’re still awake and want to talk.