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Day 14: Two Thirds Through

Action packed day this was. Two weeks into my trip through Seoul, South Korea it was time to visit the past.

The day started off rocky. Without my handy alarm clock, I was about to miss my opportunity to go to the Korean Folk Village. I know, it was truly devastating. I quickly came to terms with the idea that I was going to miss this adventure until several knocks came banging on my door. On the other side were two girls from Sookmyung Woman’s University asking where I was and why I wasn’t reaching this awesome trip. Turns out they held the bus and delayed the entire trip to come get me. I knew I made an impression on Koreans. 

I awkwardly put my pants on while the girls were at the door and brushed my teeth and was out the door. With a quick apology to everyone on the bus, we were on our way. The folk village was pretty cool. It was like Black Creek Pioneer Village except there were no pioneers and it wasn’t close to a black creek. I guess it was nothing like Black Creek Pioneer Village. The place was filled with traditional Korean houses and traditional Korean workmen (blacksmiths, farmers, magic candy makers and masters of life).

After walking through the houses and watching some old Korean workers do their thing, we got to sit down and watch some performances. The first one was a dance with a whole bunch of dudes with crazy outfits and even crazier hats. They would run around in a coordinated circle while flaunting their crazy hats. From that one, we went to go see an old guy with a fan doing tricks on a tight rope. This was pretty crazy and the kids who were on a field trip were going nuts for this old man’s crazy antics. What a guy. 

The food was traditional bibimbap in a stone baked bowl- it was bowl that was hot so it kept cooking and burned the food if you didn’t eat it fast enough. It was pretty delicious, except for the burnt food part. All in all, it was a pretty cool experience. Probably wouldn’t do it again but it was fun while it lasted. 

Got back from the dorm at around 4-5PM and had to get myself ready to go to a fully nude spa (“jim jil ban” in Korean), the Dragon Hill Spa. I wasn’t altogether comfortable having my junk hang out for all to see but thought “fuck it, when in Rome” so I did it. After about 10 or so minutes you begin to get over the initial shock of being naked in a room full of other naked dudes and just focus on relaxing. We went from hot tub to hot tub that were named things like the “healing pool”, the “life pool”, the “beauty pool”, and the “forever young pool” (these aren’t the actual names but they were along these lines). These things go from hot to pretty hot to very hot to VERY cold. It was actually really awesome.

From the all nude zone, we went to the healing zone. This is a place with both genders and everyone is wearing the same thing. It looks kinda like a a rehab centre how everyone is wearing the same clothes and look so relaxed and serene. There are several rooms here with varying temperatures where people just relax in and some even fall asleep in here (for something like $12 CAN, you can stay there for 12 hours). Also, they have these sweet massage chairs that put you in another universe. After leaving this spa I felt so great, as if I was able to leaping over tall buildings with a single bound

Woke up this morning feeling like a champion. The good feeling lasted until we lost to the Orlando Magic by 40 points. Damn that Hedo Turkoglu. Ball… I have nothing else to say.

Fun Asian/ Foreign Facts:

  • Koreans don’t know how to make cappuccinos and lattes. I didn’t see that coming either.
  • Team Canada is awesome in beer pong. Successfully defeated Team Japan, Team Mongolia, and Team Australia (twice).
  • Even the toilets in a traditional Korean folk village are pretty clean. Need a mind condom.